SUPPORT & SERVICES/Annual Maintenance Contract 24*7

Dedicated On-site Professionals Available 24*7

A dedicated on-site professional ensures consistent performance, safety, and peace of mind.

All our support technicians have immense experience with our products and are available for preventive maintenance, repairs and handling breakdowns. As a result, you can focus on the business while we care for the rig’s maintenance and efficiency.

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  • 1 Dedicated on-site technician available 24*7 for any service support

  • 2 Covers maintenance, repairs, and all service-related activities

  • 3 Spare parts arranged from Kores Plant easily at an additional cost


  • Increased productivity

  • Decreased downtime

  • 360° after sales service by Kores

SUPPORT & SERVICES/Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

Customised To Meet Your Needs

Kores Engineering takes pride in delivering the best services and going the extra mile for its clients. A comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract ensures high levels of performance and efficiency with on-site service for breakdowns, repairs, and preventive maintenance.

We maintain an on-site inventory of spare parts, lubricants, and consumables to reduce potential downtime. In addition, for any service support, our technicians are available 24/7.

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  • 1 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

  • 2 We perform all maintenance, repairs, and service-related tasks

  • 3 A mobile on-site warehouse to store spare parts and consumables

  • 4 Kores covers the cost of the consumables, lubricants, and services (except Diesel)


  • Reduces downtime

  • Boosts efficiency

  • Long lasting performance

  • 90% guarantee

SUPPORT & SERVICES/Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Committed To Providing
The Best Service

An Annual Maintenance Contract ensures preventive equipment maintenance for problem-free and long-lasting performance.

The team of specialised technicians and engineers conduct comprehensive inspections to understand the wear and tear of the rigs.

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  • 1 A visit every two months

  • 2 On-site service


  • Preventive maintenance

  • Reduced breakdowns

  • Long lasting performance

  • Replacement Solutions


End-To-End Solutions

A pioneer of core drilling in India since 1985, Kores has deep expertise in custom manufacturing, after-sales support, and drilling operations.

We have a team of 90 Service Engineers and 25 camp offices in India. In addition, we have a global presence, with mobile on-site warehouses allowing us to be available for any preventive or emergency services 24*7.

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  • 1 Dedicated on-site professionals

  • 2 Expert drillers with three-labor-team for daily operations

  • 3 90% guarantee

  • 4 Handling service and repairs

  • 5 Mobile on-site warehouse to stock spare parts and consumables

  • 6 Stock and supply management of drilling accessories at an extra cost

Our custom solution improves productivity & ensures the best utilization of drilling rigs.

By opting for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts and Drilling Operations, customers leave the entire responsibility to Kores. With deep product & application knowledge and service expertise, the team ensures quality and efficiency.

Highly experienced and trained engineers will handle the daily operations, and a dedicated service team will look after preventive maintenance and repairs.


  • No need for in-house training

  • Kores undertakes full responsibilities

  • On-site repairs and maintenance

  • Expert operation personnels

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